Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This Blog will be used to update the public about the daily activities of our research teams down in Antarctica. We have two different teams conducting research on opposite sides of the continent. Dr. David J. Kieber will be leading his team from Lyttelton New Zealand on a cruise to the Ross Sea on the Nathanial B. Palmer, this trip will take two months. On Dave's team he has Jordan Brinkley and John Bisgrove, both are students from SUNY ESF. These three will be gathering data of organic sulfur release and degradation.
On the opposite side, SUNY ESF's other research group will be stationed at Palmer station, a United States research installation. Here a team of two SUNY ESF students, George Westby and Kerry McElroy will be gathering data on the organic sulfur present in the Bellingshausen Sea. Both groups research goes much deeper and will be discussed more thoroughly in this blog during the extent of this project.

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