Saturday, November 19, 2005

Environmental station?

I received this comment the other day and somehow it did not go through correctly.  If some of you have out in Anonymous comments and they have not gotten posted, this might be due to the Anonymous function.  This one was luckily mailed to me, but extremely late.  I am sorry about that.

George - I'm curious as to how Palmer station gets its power and how
Environmentally friendly it is.

This is an extremely good question.  I had to ask about this because there are not any obvious signs around the station.  We produce all of our power by diesel fuel.  This is not an environmentally friendly form of power production but currently friendly forms of energy are not stable enough to sustain human life in Antarctica.  I submitted that this was a very backward relationship.  “We are down here to study how we can repair the damage that we have inflicted upon the earth while we are at the same time we are supplementing the problem.”  I was told that our impact down here is extremely minimal.  After a little thought it occurred to me that we are a small station of a maximum of 42 people living here in the summer.  Plus all of the people here are extreme conversationalists that make every effort to use the minimum of electricity.  I am also assured that the station does not use near the quantity of resources that the same number of people do on average in the US.  This is due to the quality of structures, insulation and management of resource use.


Anonymous said...

What happens to all the trash that is generated at Palmer Station?

gorg said...

The trash at Palmer Station is sent back to Chile were we pay an extreme premium for being outsiders trying to process garbage in their country. This is due to the location of the station not to the economic relationship. I will reiterate more tomorrow. Good question!