Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yesterday was Thanksgiving for us.

Yesterday was our thanksgiving feast day.  It was amazing!  First there are only 36 people left on station.  The amazing quantity of preparation that goes into a meal like this just blows my mind.  Our two chefs roasted 5 turkeys and baked 33 pies.  Quite a bit of help came from those here that have favorites or just love to cook.  This greatly increased the ability to overeat.  The food here is always great but last night the variety of foods, vegetarian and regular, was amazing.  There was so much to try; I ended up inflicting more pain upon my body than I ever had at Thanksgiving Dinner.  

Wish us luck our late arrivals should be showing up tomorrow on the Clipper Adventurer, but right now we are iced in and the captain does not like ice.  This is the third time that these people will have crossed the Drake Passage.  I hear that they have had mostly good rides.

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