Thursday, November 17, 2005

The LMG has left the Building!

So the LMG has left the building!  The ship traversed up to King George’s Island and was hanging out at the Chilean base where they, and ourselves, were waiting to find out if the plane from Rothera was going to make a visit.  They could not.  Due to weather in the morning at Rothera then when that cleared the storm had reached us and the last possible window was closed by the lingering storm that covered both us and King George’s Island.  That was the end of our chances for our needs to be met and it slipped away in the schedule of the LMG’s much needed repairs.  Well the ship is now almost three days distance away and we woke up to an amazing thing.  The ice is totally gone out of our harbor.  Guess that is Murphy’s Law for you (anything can go wrong, it will).  Well I caught a photo of the LGM stuck in the ice.  Check it out in my gallery.


Anonymous said...

Hey George, looks like you are having a great time down there, but how's the science? Do they still have the chair/pulley thing to take you over the small inlet to the pengiuns? I'm guessing no. Hope they plan to feed you turkey next week!dauphinislandlaura

gorg said...

dauphinislandlaura, Awesome to see that you are looking at my blog. They still have the rope and pulley here to get across to Bonaparte and Christy Cove, but it is in sad shape. I haven’t tried crossing it yet, but know that you have mentioned it I think I will do it tomorrow morning.

As for the science, there has not been much to talk about. We have been running through lots of busy work trying to get an idea on how best to perform a 20 person research agenda with a max of three people and right now only two. What this entails is taking a lot of samples from the shore and running them over and over again. But in my next entry I am going to talk about our first sampling trip. Keep checking me out, hope to chat with you soon. Jorge`